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Who ran against him 2012?

Salome Zourabichvili

Who is the Georgian president?

Salome Zourabichvili

Who has been elected the first woman president of Georgia?

Salome Zourabichvili სალომე ზურაბიშვილი
President Mikheil Saakashvili
Preceded by Tedo Japaridze
Succeeded by Gela Bezhuashvili
Leader of The Way of Georgia

Who is the only US president to come from Georgia?

Plains, Georgia, U.S. James Earl Carter Jr. (born October 1, 1924) is an American politician, businessman, and philanthropist who served as the 39th president of the United States from 1977 to 1981.

Who ran for president in 1789?

1788–89 United States presidential election

Nominee George Washington
Party Independent
Alliance Federalist
Home state Virginia
Electoral vote 69

How was President originally elected?

The original system for electing presidents provided that the candidate receiving a majority of Electoral College votes would become president, while the runner-up would become vice president. The 1800 election resulted in a tie between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr.

Why didn’t Washington run for a second term?

In 1796, as his second term in office drew to a close, President George Washington chose not to seek re-election. Mindful of the precedent his conduct set for future presidents, Washington feared that if he were to die while in office, Americans would view the presidency as a lifetime appointment.

Can a president run again after 1 term?

The amendment prohibits anyone who has been elected president twice from being elected again. Under the amendment, someone who fills an unexpired presidential term lasting more than two years is also prohibited from being elected president more than once.

Did any US president serve 3 terms?

Roosevelt won a third term by defeating Republican nominee Wendell Willkie in the 1940 United States presidential election. He remains the only president to serve for more than two terms.

Did George Washington run against anyone?

Incumbent President George Washington was elected to a second term by a unanimous vote in the electoral college, while John Adams was re-elected as vice president. Washington was essentially unopposed, but Adams faced a competitive re-election against Governor George Clinton of New York.

Who really chooses the president?

In other U.S. elections, candidates are elected directly by popular vote. But the president and vice president are not elected directly by citizens. Instead, they’re chosen by “electors” through a process called the Electoral College. The process of using electors comes from the Constitution.

Who ran with Obama?

2012 United States presidential election

Nominee Barack Obama Mitt Romney
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Illinois Massachusetts
Running mate Joe Biden Paul Ryan
Electoral vote 332 206

What was Obama slogan?

“Change We Need.” and “Change.” – 2008 U.S. presidential campaign slogan of Barack Obama during the general election.

Incumbent President Barack Obama won the nomination unanimously at the 2012 Democratic National Convention and was re-elected as President in the general election by defeating Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

When did Obama announce VP?

On August 23, 2008, via text message, the Obama campaign announced that the then-presumptive Democratic presidential nominee chose Joe Biden as his vice-presidential running mate.

When Obama was a president who was the vice president?

Joe Biden2009–2017

Who are Biden’s choices for VP?


  • Senator. Tammy Baldwin. from Wisconsin.
  • Representative. Karen Bass. from California.
  • Mayor of Atlanta. Keisha Lance Bottoms. from Georgia.
  • Representative. Val Demings. from Florida.
  • Senator. Tammy Duckworth.
  • Senator. Maggie Hassan.
  • Senator and 2020 presidential candidate. Amy Klobuchar.
  • Governor. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

Who won the election 2012?

Democratic President Barack Obama won election to a second term, though the Republican Party retained control of the House of Representatives. Obama defeated Republican nominee Mitt Romney to win a second term, taking 51.1 percent of the popular vote and 332 of the 538 electoral votes.

Who ran for president in 2008 primaries?

March contests

Candidates Actual pledged delegates1 (1,780 of 1,917) Estimated total delegates2 (2,159 of 2,380; 1,191 needed to win)
John McCain 1,378 1,575
Mike Huckabee 240 278
Mitt Romney 148 271

Who ran against President Obama in 2008 and 2012?

He went on to face Senator John McCain from Arizona as the Republican nominee, defeating him with 365 electoral votes to McCain’s 173. Obama sought re-election for a second term in 2012, running virtually unopposed in the Democratic primaries.

Has any president been unmarried?

James Buchanan, the 15th President of the United States (1857-1861), served immediately prior to the American Civil War. He remains the only President to be elected from Pennsylvania and to remain a lifelong bachelor.

Can the first lady be a man?

Some countries have a title, official or unofficial, that is or can be translated as first lady. While there has never been a male spouse of a U.S. president, “First Gentleman” is used in the United States for the husband of a mayor, governor, or president.