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What does RGE mean in texting?

What does RGE mean in texting?

RGE. Resume Generating Event. showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 17 definitions)

What is a resume generating event?

Resume Generating Events – “Some failures are spectacular – you turn up a new link, bring up the routing protocol, and then the core crashes so hard, the lights dim in the data center. The industry term for these sorts of failures is RGEs, or Resume Generating Events. ” As defined by Ethan Banks at CCIE Candidate.

What does QWAY mean in slang?

For someone who has poor literacy but tries to cover it up. So when they read the word quay (pronounced ‘key’) they say qway. For example ‘look at all the lovely boats in qway-side’.

What does QUEY mean?

1. A heifer. 2. A young cow, especially ( formerly always) before it has had a calf; a heifer. Help us improve our definitions, add your own or improve one of these for the word quey as a noun.

What does Quay mean in English?

landing place

Is Quay pronounced key?

Quay is traditionally pronounced as ‘kway’ in Australia, and can often be mispronounced as ‘key’.

Why is it called a quay?

You know that wharf on the bank of the river where all the boats park? It’s not an aqua parking lot. It’s called a quay. The English spelling of this word was originally key, and that’s one way to pronounce it even today, an alternative to “qway.” Quay comes from the Old North French cai, “sand bank.”

What does Quay mean in Thai?

noun. /kiː, kei/ a solid, usually stone, landing place, where boats are loaded and unloaded. ท่าเรือ…

What does Quay mean in Australia?

[F. quai. See Key quay.] A mole, bank, or wharf, formed toward the sea, or at the side of a harbor, river, or other navigable water, for convenience in loading and unloading vessels.

What does Quay mean in Irish?

quay, s. Cé f. Quay-side worker, oibrí cé. alongside »

What do the words busy quays mean?

countable noun. A quay is a long platform beside the sea or a river where boats can be tied up and loaded or unloaded. Jack and Stephen were waiting for them on the quay. Synonyms: dock, pier, landing, harbour More Synonyms of quay. Quick word challenge.

What is the difference between a quay and a wharf?

A Wharf is a man-made structure on a river or by the sea, which provides an area for ships to safely dock. A Quay is, technically, a part of the river bank or coastline which has been modified so ships can dock at it parallel to the shore. This boat is moored at the quay in Poole, England….

What is a synonym for Quay?

In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for quay, like: dock, landing, wharf, pier, berth, jetty, key, levee, slip, quayside and marina.

How do you use Quay in a sentence?

Quay sentence example

  1. The Circular Quay at the head of Sydney Cove is 1300 ft.
  2. At Bridlington Quay there is excellent sea-bathing, and the parade and ornamental gardens provide pleasant promenades.
  3. It has a fine quay , townhall and park.
  4. At the quay point between these two basins there are vast state granaries.

What is the synonym of ruined?

Synonyms. desolate scourge ravage devastate waste lay waste to.

What is the definition of F * * * * * Up?

usually vulgar : to act foolishly or stupidly : blunder. transitive verb. usually vulgar : to ruin or spoil especially through stupidity or carelessness : bungle.

What is another word for mess up?

What is another word for mess up?

flub bungle
screw up foul up
goof up louse up
muck up make a mistake
muddle up jack up

What is a better word for messed up?

What is another word for messed up?

upside down chaotic
messy cluttered
disorderly jumbled
muddled confused
disarrayed upside-down

Is screwed up a bad word?

It’s something you wouldn’t say to your grandmother, perhaps, but it is a very common euphemism people use to avoid saying something stronger. It’s used in everything from pop songs to commentaries by TV talk show hosts. Seriously, in most walks of society screwed is considered merely informal these days, not rude.

What do you call someone who always messes up?

Schlemiel. Taken from Yiddish. A hapless person, one who always makes a mess of things….

What is the plural of quay?

Word forms: plural quays.