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What are front office goals and strategies?

What are front office goals and strategies?

Examples of measurable front office goals:

  • Increase the hotel’s average occupancy level by two percent above the previous year’s level.
  • Increase the volume of repeat guest business by 10 percent.
  • Collect GSTS card from 95 percent of all guest while checkout.
  • Reduce Check-in and check-out times by two minutes.

How can I improve my front desk performance?

Here are six ways to improve your team’s performance – and your overall guest experience.

  1. Be Guest Experts. When each member of the front desk team is a guest expert, guests feel welcome.
  2. Train, Train and Train.
  3. Read the Signs.
  4. Utilize Technology.
  5. Have Knowledge of the Surrounding Area.
  6. Speed is Key.

What are KPI for receptionist?

The receptionist key performance indicators include improvement of reception productivity, answering company telephones professionally, interact positively with customers forging strong customer relationships, and ensure that office policies, processes, and procedures are successfully implemented.

What is the job of front office?

The front office represents the customer-facing division of a firm. For example, customer service, sales, and industry experts who provide advisory services are considered part of a firm’s front office operations. The functions of the front office generally generate the majority of revenue for a firm.

What is the meaning of front desk?

: the desk in a building where visitors are greeted We checked into the hotel at the front desk.

What means front?

: the forward part or surface of something : the part of something that is seen first. : a place, position, or area that is most forward or is directly ahead. : the part of your body that faces forward and includes your face and chest. front.

What is the meaning of receptionist?

administrative support position

What are the tasks of a receptionist?

Receptionist duties and responsibilities of the job

  • Diary management and management of meeting rooms.
  • Possibly handling event coordination, both internally and externally.
  • Handling queries and complaints via phone, email and general correspondence.
  • Greeting all visitors.
  • Transferring calls as necessary.