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How much does a Geek Squad agent make?

How much does a Geek Squad agent make?

Geek Squad Agent Salaries

Job Title Salary
Best Buy Geek Squad salaries – 380 salaries reported $36,348/yr
Best Buy Geek Squad, Agent (CIA) salaries – 359 salaries reported $14/hr
Best Buy Geek Squad Manager salaries – 356 salaries reported $24/hr
Geek Squad Geek Squad, Consultation Agent salaries – 293 salaries reported $13/hr

What services does Geek Squad provide?

Choose Your Geek Squad Service by Category

  • Appliances. Cameras & Camcorders.
  • Car Electronics. Cell Phones.
  • Computers & Tablets. Portable Audio.
  • TV & Home Theater.
  • Video Gaming.

What qualifications do you need to work for Geek Squad?

What are the Professional Requirements of a Geek Squad Consultation Agent?

  • High School diploma or equivalent.
  • Associate degree in general electronics or computer repair.
  • 1+ years retail or customer service experience.
  • 1+ years experience diagnosing or repairing PCs or consumer electronics.

How much do geeks to you charge per hour?

Geeks2u: $158 per hour (residential) + $49 same day service fee add an extra $50 for business customers. $79 per half hour after first hour. Safemode: $100-$200 per hour (residential) charge depending on issue + service fees for business. Geekmobile: $110 per 45mins (residential) + extra for business customers.

Is Geek Squad Certified worth it?

Geek Squad certified products are a good buy. They’ve been inspected and guaranteed to work as new, so you shouldn’t have any issues and can save a bit of money. Because they’re guaranteed, even if you do have a problem, you’re still covered.

Does Best Buy do computer repair?

We can help you 24/7 online, on the phone, in your home, and at all Best Buy stores. We can install or repair thousands of products, no matter where you bought them. We offer a 30-day workmanship guarantee on all Geek Squad repairs.

How much does it cost to repair computer?

The average cost for computer repair is $65 an hour. Hiring a computer repair technician to get you back up and running, you will likely spend between $50 and $150. The price of computer repair can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code). Get free estimates from pros near you.

How much does it cost to fix a laptop?

Price Ranges

Type of Repair Price Range
Laptop Screen Replacement $125-225+
Memory/RAM Upgrade $50-200
Power Jack Repair $100-200
Keyboard Replacement $80-195

How much does it cost to replace computer screen?

Professional repair costs are usually around $300 or so [1]. If you are comfortable working on your laptop yourself, you can usually find replacement screens online for reasonable prices – sometimes as low as $50 to $100 – and it often only takes an hour or two to complete the replacement job.

How much does it cost to repair a touch screen laptop?

How much does Best Buy charge to fix a laptop?

We’ll repair your device for a $84.95 flat-rate fee plus parts. Total Tech Support members get 20% off the $84.95 flat-rate labor fee upon completion of repair.

How long does a laptop last?

three to five years

Will Best Buy look at my computer for free?

To get started, I’d recommend making a reservation for your local Best Buy’s Geek Squad. Please visit to set up a free consultation at your local Best Buy. A: Thanks for your question! We recommend taking your computer to your local Geek Squad so they can check it out.

How much does it cost for Geek Squad to build a computer?

They will help you in any way they can and will have you up and running before they leave! All for just $99. A: AnswerHi Francis – No matter where you bought your Technology, Geek squad is ready to help you out. Even if you didn’t get your computer from us, we should be able to help you get it set up.

Can Geek Squad build a PC?

No, they do not build computers. However they can give you options and advice to upgrade older computer. In all honesty, the selection of the parts is the only difficult part of building a PC…

Can someone build my PC for me?

Yes, you can hire a person to build your computer with parts you have acquired. But it would be wise to have conferred with him prior to selecting the parts.

Does Best Buy repair consoles?

Why choose Best Buy for your video game services? We can help you on the phone, in your home, at all Best Buy stores, and 24/7 online. We can install or repair thousands of products, no matter where you bought them.

Does Best Buy Clean consoles?

If we clean a PS4 by blowing out any dust, that’s just done in the store quite quickly. If it’s under a protection plan, we ship it out to get repaired. We’d recommend connecting with your local Best Buy to get details on the process and length of time.

Does GameStop repair consoles?

Gamestop does not do repairs of any kind. GameStop would offer to allow you to trade in the system as defective for a greatly reduced price towards a replacement. GameStop would offer to allow you to trade in the system as defective for a greatly reduced price towards a replacement.

Does Best Buy repair PS4 consoles?

We only do repairs if the PS4 is covered by Geek Squad Protection. If it does, we will either repair or replace it regardless of the issue. Outside of that, we do not do out of warranty repairs or Sony warranty repairs.