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How long does Vipkid hiring process take?

How long does Vipkid hiring process take?

1-2 weeks

How long do you wait for a Vipkid no show?

When a student doesn’t show up for class, and it’s not marked student no show prior to class starting, you are supposed to wait 15 minutes in the classroom for a trial. You will have to wait 25 minutes for a major course (MC). Most likely, the firemen will mark it student no show about five minutes into the class.

Do you get paid for student no show Vipkid?

Yes! If it is a normal major course, you receive your full pay even if a student does not show up. For trial student no shows, you get paid half of your base pay. However if the student cancels the class before 24 hours, that time slot just becomes available again for other students to book.

What are the peak hours for Vipkid?

PPT stands for “peak peak time.” Those are the hours they have the highest demand for classes from students. They are 7:00 pm-9:00 pm Beijing time. It’s 4 time slots on the teaching schedule. VIPKID peak hours are inclusive of all the times that are in high demand, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

How much can you realistically make with Vipkid?

Your base rate will vary, depending on your experience and your first interview. It will be between $7- $9 USD per 25-minute class. This means that you can make a base rate of $14 – $18 USD per hour. Continue reading to check out the VIPKid Bonuses!

Is it hard to get VIPKid bookings?

We hear from new teachers that waiting even a week to open slots after your contract is signed can make it much harder to get booked. The theory is that VIPKid will feature new teachers higher in search to give them a boost. Wait too long, and someone else is new and getting that boost instead of you.

How much can I make a month with VIPKid?

$4,000 per month

How often do you get paid with Vipkid?

From class 21-40, slightly more, etc. You reach a tier based on the number of lifetime classes taught. VIPKid has an option for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pay, via direct deposit.

Do I need a headset for VIPKid?

Use a headset with a microphone and stable output and input. You can test your microphone and sound inside the VIPKid classroom by clicking “Settings.”

Is VIPKid a safe company?

VIPKID offers online work based in another country and many people wonder if it is a scam. The answer: No, it isn’t. VIPKID is a well-established company, employing over 60,000 teachers as contractors.

Who owns VIPKid?

Cindy Mi

What is VIPKid worth?

The Chinese education startup VIPKid, which connects fluent English-speaking teachers with Chinese students, raised $500 million in April for a valuation of over $3 billion.

Why is VIPKid not hiring California?

WHY IS VIPKID NOT HIRING IN CALIFORNIA? The California Assembly Bill 5 would require VIPKid to hire their teachers as employees, not independent contractors. As a result, VIPKid can no longer hire Californians.

Does Vipkid do a background check?

Pass the Background Check Every teacher who works for VIPKID must pass an FBI Criminal Background Check. It’s not entirely clear what findings will disqualify you from teaching, but if you have a misdemeanor or DUI on your record you should be fine.

Does Vipkid have a phone number?

As you begin the hiring process, I’m sure you’ll get a phone call or two from VIPKID. Because of this phone interaction, most teachers believe that we can contact VIPKID by phone. Unfortunately and to the best of my knowledge, VIPKID does not have an open phone line for its teachers.

Is magic ears a good company to work for?

Magic Ears is an online English tutoring company – and they are constantly hiring! This is a fairly new company, so there is an opportunity to move up in rank quickly with secondary positions. I started working for them in April this year and my starting pay was $22/hour. It is a wonderful company to work for.