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How do you get into voice over work?

How do you get into voice over work?

To sum it all up, to getting into voice acting online:

  1. Get voice over training or coaching.
  2. Practice reading out loud, constantly (see our sample voice over script library)
  3. Seek out pro bono gigs to build your resume.
  4. Record several voice over demos – each one should highlight an aspect of your ability.

How much can you get paid for voice over work?

For instance, if you are providing voice over for commercials, you can expect to earn from anywhere between $100 for a local radio commercial, to $10,000 for a national TV commercial.

How can I become a voice actor?

There are lots of ways to get voice acting work, from online sites such as,, Voice123 and These are known as pay to play sites. They have lots of opportunities for you to audition, but it is highly competitive.

Can you do voice acting from home?

Submitting a voice over audition is the most important part of the process of applying for voice over jobs from home. However, simply because you’re now able to audition and record voice over work online without venturing into a studio, does not mean that voice acting at home is an all-around effortless experience.

How do I get an agent for voice acting?

How to Get a Voice Agent

  1. Do as much research as you can to find gaps in agencies which your voice could fill.
  2. Make sure you have a good voice reel and a Spotlight page.
  3. Contact an agent with a personal, engaging email including your reel, photo and Spotlight link.
  4. Keep expanding your skills through voiceover training.

Do you need an agent to audition for Netflix?

Netflix does not work with you to get an audition. Netflix work with Production companies that hire casting directors to cast the productions….

Do you need an agent to audition for Disney Channel?

Most auditions for Disney are not open calls. They are handled through agents. For that reason, casting directors depend on agents to send them talent that fits the role, has the experience, training and the talent. So, for most Disney, or even Nickelodeon roles, you will need an agent….. a legitimate agent.